How are salts rated?

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To rate salts, Yuka relies on four criteria:

1) Nutritional balance accounts for 50% of the rating

Salt should be limited in any case from a nutritional point of view. This criteria is therefore systematically invalid. This is why the best rating for salt is 50/100.

2) The determination of additives accounts for 30% of the rating

The presence of sodium ferrocyanide (E235) drops the rating 6 points - it's an anti-caking agent that we classify as a limited risk. The presence of potassium iodate (E917) drops the rating 30 points - it's an additive that we recommend to avoid.

3) The processing method accounts for 10% of the rating

Unrefined salt gets a 10 point bonus.

4) The extraction method accounts for 10% of the rating

Sea salt gets a 10 point bonus.

These last two criteria are solely qualitative and are not linked to nutritional value or health impact.

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