What is the Nutri-Score?

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Nutri-Score is a rating system developed by international research teams that measures the nutritional value of food products.

Seven European countries, including France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, and the Netherlands, have adopted the Nutri-Score, which was developed based on the work of Professor Hercberg's team.

The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), a WHO agency, supports this method, citing both its effectiveness in guiding consumers toward healthier food choices and its scientific relevance.

The Nutri-Score calculation system is explained in detail here.

To rank each product, the Nutri-Score system measures how much of the following is found in 100 grams of the product:

  • desirable nutrients and foods: fiber, protein, fruits and vegetables
  • nutrients that should be limited: calories, saturated fats, sugar and salt.

Once calculated, a product's score is used to assign it a letter and a color:

  • the most nutritious products are ranked A
  • the least nutritious products are ranked E.

Nutri-Scores are translated into Yuka ratings as shown in the correspondence table, available here.

For more information, we have listed the main scientific sources evaluating the Nutri-Score here.

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