How are the top products selected?

Updated 2 weeks ago by Benoit

The top products are selected in a completely impartial manner. No brand pays Yuka to appear in these rankings.

The ranking selection algorithm takes into account the following criteria:

1) The category of the products in order to be as close as possible to the one selected.

2) The availability of the products in the country so that they can be found easily.

3) The score of the products, in descending order.

4) The number of products of the same brand is limited in order to promote diversified product representation and to avoid excessive presence of the same brand.

Top products may include products with a score below 50/100 if no products in the category have higher scores, but products containing red additives (classified as "hazardous" in the application) are systematically excluded.

As of this date, access to the top rankings in the application are available only in the United States and France, and they are free of charge.

To unlock all of the rankings on your mobile app, you just have to share the Yuka app with one or more of your contacts.

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