How are reconstituted products rated?

Products said to be "reconstituted" are products that aren't consumed as they are, but need to be mixed with water or milk. Examples include: sweetened powdered chocolate, syrups, dehydrated soups and noodles, broth cubes, potato flakes, etc.

For its calculations, Yuka assumes 100g or 100mL of product mixed with water or milk (as it's actually consumed) and not on 100g of raw product.

This may explain why the values on the packaging are not the same as those in the application.

For instance:

For this product, the values in the third column corresponding to 100g of dry powder should not be taken into account. Instead, use the last column, “Per serving with 284mL semi-skimmed milk".

The values should then be divided by the quantity of the prepared portion (284mL in this example) to arrive at 100g of product as consumed. Here then, we need to divide it by 2,84 in order to arrive at the values needed for the analysis.

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