How is information provided in the application verified ?

There are :

1) Reinforced controls in the application when adding a product

The information provided by users is first secured by an automatic control system within the application via image and text recognition.

Lists of ingredients are also transcribed by an external service in order to avoid errors.

2) Double verification following products' registration

After that, there's a double post-verification of products that were added to the application:

- Verification by the Yuka team: two full-time people are dedicated to managing the database, verifying the contributions and correcting them if necessary.

- Verification by other users: Yuka users can correct errors in the application themselves or they can report them to the team for correction. Errors that are reported to us are corrected within 24 hours.

⚠️ However, some product pages cannot be edited by users. They include those that have been verified by the team or whose information has been received directly from brands (this information corresponds to what's on the product labels, so there's no conflict of interest).

Finally, if a user enters incorrect information, they are immediately banned and can no longer use the application on their phone. Fortunately this is very rare!

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