Where did this idea come from? 💡

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Benoit, one of the co-founders, is a father of three and wanted to buy only the best food products for his family. But he was lost in a dietary jungle trying to decipher every label. He realized how helpful it would be to have a tool that would automatically analyze each product’s ingredient.

He talked with his brother François and a friend, Julie, about the idea, and they loved it. In 2016, the three of them took part in a competition for startups, the Food Hackathon. They spent an entire weekend developing the concept, and won first place. Convinced that their idea filled a real need, they threw themselves into the project.

In the beginning, the tool they imagined wasn’t an app. They thought it would be a connected object shaped like a carrot that users could stick to the fridge. A few months later they realized that a connected object wouldn’t completely solve the problem, and due to its price tag it wouldn’t make product analysis accessible to all. They dropped the idea in favor of a mobile application.

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